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"In the last three weeks...
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Denise Annunciata, LeapLaw


From: Charlie Cook
Old Greenwich, CT

Dear Business Professional:

Are you fed up because you're spending and spending on ineffective ads and mailings that bring you little or NO return-on-investment?

How about your website? Does it just sit there like a bump on a pickle…contributing little or nothing to your bottom line? Are you beginning to think that your emails are being deleted without being read?

Are you starting to suspect that your ad rep is pulling a fast one on you by trying to convince you that somehow “repeated viewings” of your ineffective ad is going to make someone eventually call you (HINT: a bad ad won’t get calls no matter how many times someone sees it).

GOOD NEWS - there IS a way to turn around ALL of your advertising & marketing efforts and go from ZERO or a measly half-percent response to as much as 5% to 50% response... but don’t expect your Ad Rep to know about it…

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Here’s the TRUTH that Your AD Rep
Will NEVER Tell You:

Ad Reps work on commission, so their #1 concern is to get you to renew your ad. And since most Ad Reps don’t know what it really takes for an ad to get response from hungry, qualified prospects - instead they come to you with that tired line “you need repeated views” or “time to create brand awareness”.

So while you’re busy creating “brand awareness” for months on end and getting virtually NO phone calls - your Ad Rep is happily collecting their commission check.

You’re left staring at the phone, watching your bank account dwindle and wondering if all this “brand awareness” is going to send you to the poorhouse!

But hold on - before you start giving up on the idea that marketing & advertising could ever really be a good investment... and it’s just a “cost of doing business” or a “necessary evil”there is a simple technique to increase the response of ANY type of advertising or marketing to double or triple your sales virtually overnight.

In fact, it can ALSO do the same for your face-to-face selling – but first, let me ask you…

How Is Your Face-to-Face Selling
Going These Days, Anyway?

When you introduce the idea of doing business with you to a potential prospect face-to-face, do you get the cold shoulder and hear things like “thanks, but we’re doing ok right now” or “I’ll keep you in mind” or “not right now, but maybe give me a call in a few months…

Now come on.

When you hear responses like this, you know as well as I do that these prospects don’t really want you to call. Not “in a few months”…not ever. They’re just saying this to get rid of you.

The truth hurts, I know.

(But you know it’s true. Think about it - you’ve probably done the same thing to get rid of someone who was trying to sell to you…let’s be honest)

Listen Up:

It’s NOT the Ad Rep’s fault…it’s NOT the fault of the media that you’re using - regardless of whether you're using…Newspaper, Magazine Ads, Yellow Pages, Direct Mail, Coupon Books, Online Marketing (all of these media are simply ‘vehicles’ to get your message in front of qualified prospects).

It’s not your prospect’s fault for not being interested in what you’re saying.

In fact…

It’s Not YOUR Fault, Either…

If your message is getting in front of qualified prospects
and you’re not getting results –
it’s your marketing message that needs to change.

In a second, I’ll show you how to stop losing money with a marketing message that doesn’t get results – and by using a simple proven formula….double or triple your sales virtually overnight – GUARANTEED.

But first you need to know…

Why You Should Listen to What I Have to Say

Do you know me, Charlie Cook? No, probably not.

I’ve never became famous - because instead of spending all my time working on my celebrity status I am out in the trenches day in, day out, working with the small business owners like yourself.

How many of these so-called “marketing gurus” that you see selling high-priced marketing stuff on the net have even ONE client in the real “offline” world? The sad reality is tons of people who sell stuff on the Internet never do anything with it in the "real" world. 

You see, I spend my time helping my small business clients get rich. To date, I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses, in dozens of different industries. I make my living as a high-paid, “secret weapon copywriter” and marketing strategist for dozens of highly successful entrepreneurs and companies.

In fact, some of my best, long-term client’s net worth exceeds several million dollars.

But don’t believe me, listen to what just a few of my clients have said about me and my services…

"In the last three weeks, since I started using my new marketing message, I've gotten as many clients as I did the last six months.

The hardest part of marketing my business was saying what I do in a sentence or two. I'd been struggling with writing a marketing message for a year ... in an afternoon I was able to read your manual, and following your steps, come up with an message that described my business. One of the best small business marketing books I ever bought."

Denise Annunciata, LeapLaw

"In the first month we increased sales
by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mike Simmons

Listen to Mike

With Charlie's help we've seen our web leads jump from 10 a week to 150 a week. Highly recommended."

Mike Trowbridge, VP Marketing, Wyndham Worldwide

"Our referrals are rolling in!

Listen to Craig

I have used a ton of consultants, but Charlie Cook was the best investment I have ever made. I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

Craig Nash, President Progressive Rehab

"Within three weeks, we added nine new clients and increased our income by $180,000.

We called Charlie because no one was responding to our ads. We ran the ad Charlie wrote for us, and the phone calls have been pouring in. Now we need to hire more people to handle all the new business we've gotten. We must and will blame Charlie for our success, he is AMAZING!"

Jose Lopez, Rent4Me

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By Simply Changing Your Marketing Message
You Can Instantly Attract More clients and Double
or Triple Your Sales… Virtually Overnight!

Boring ads, websites, emails and other marketing pieces that look like everything else get thrown in the trash, deleted, ignored completely and are a WASTE of YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY.

The same is true for an in-person “opening pitch” (which is also a form of marketing message) that doesn’t appeal to the prospect. It’s a waste of your time, the prospect’s time…and it takes a toll on your ego, too!

However, by following a simple formula, it’s easy to change your Marketing Message – get it in front of qualified prospects, and see your business transformed faster than you imagined possible:

Imagine the thrill of opening up your Email Inbox every morning and seeing messages from interested prospects who are waiting to hear back from you so they can start doing business with you and give you money.

Just think of what it would be like to check your voice mail every day and hear message after message that goes something like this“Hi, I saw your ad in (media). My name is (whatever) from XYZ Company and I’d like to hear back from you today regarding your (product or service). We would like to get going soon on this. Could you call me back this morning, please?”

Envision confidently and calmly reciting a killer “opening pitch” to a prospect it in less than 15 seconds in virtually ANY face-to-face selling situation that will have potential clients practically begging you for more information, with excited responses like:

“…tell me more”
“…that sounds interesting…”
“…now how would you do that for me..?”
“…I’m interested…here’s my card…Why don’t you give me a call on Tuesday around 9 and tell me more?”

And the best part is that for the same amount of money that you’re spending right now on ineffective ads, by making simple changes using a proven formula – you can:

Transform a Limping… Lame…
WASTE of an Advertising
& Marketing Campaign into a…
Phone-Ringing… Inbox-Jamming…

Just think…

No More Cold-Calling Grunt work or Begging For Business
No More Price Wars and Sacrificing Your Margins to Compete
No More Relying on Referrals
No More “Hoping & Praying” for Positive Word-of-Mouth

"Increased my number of leads by 400%
just these past 2 weeks.

I love what '15 Second Marketing' has done for my business. It really got me on the right mental track and now I have the delightful task of raising my rates!"

Jodi St. John, Graphic Designer

"Improved the response rate to our marketing
message by 25% or more.

We already had a good marketing message, but with the help of the Insider Secrets 15 Second Marketing we made a few changes and tweaks saw an increase in sales. I'd recommend it to every small business owner."

Tom Larsen, President, Larsen & Associates Insurance Agency Inc.

"Now I get a much better response when asked
about what I do."

Listen to Jennifer

Jennifer McGroary, Creative Web Marketing Consultant, cssites

Here are the Secret Techniques you'll discover with “15 Second Marketing”

A surefire way to grab your prospect's attention and capture their interest - no matter what you're selling.
Discover what really makes people buy - use this secret to quadruple the response to your marketing efforts.
How to tap into your prospect's primary motivation to make a purchase, so they buy from you.

"Immediately helped me make a $10,000 sale!

The seven steps to crafting your marketing message was easy to follow and produced great results. Highly recommended."

Kathy Mason, President, Mason Works, LLC


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The shocking truth that 9 out of 10 business owners never find out about – and it’s costing them fortune! Learn about the ultimate business investment and why simply reading chapter 1 will change the way you think about (and do) and do business forever!

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Why a “Unique Selling Proposition” isn’t enough – and what you MUST add to it before a client will be convinced that he wants to buy from you (HINT: other “marketing gurus” won’t tell you this secret…but it’s essential to your success!)

Why the #1 Marketing Mistake that is sabotaging your sales & draining your bank account actually costs NO money to fix and is fast and easy to implement – and could double or triple your profits in less than 60 days.

Smash your competition hands down by doing one simple thing!

Why coming up with a cute “tagline” is a complete waste of time for small businesses and entrepreneurs – and how to instead create a powerful marketing message that will make your phone ring with excited, interested prospects 

The 3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself that will help you Quickly & Easily create a knock-your-socks-off marketing message that will make your clients remember you, tell their friends about you, and establish you as the go-to-expert in your field

Free and low-cost research methods for finding out which words pull prospects to you and which ones push them away …eliminating the need to hire an expensive Market Research Firm

How to create award-winning headlines that can make your ads sizzle without writing!

How to fully automate your follow-up process so your pipeline of prospects and clients increases by the day…yet you only do the work once and then put it on “auto-pilot.”

What to do immediately after you have interested someone in your 15-Second Marketing Message that will make or break the possibility of a sale

How to easily “position” your business ahead of the competition so that friends, family, and associates of your customers want to do business with you! (It’s easier than you think! But you’ve got to think differently than you do now.

Power words that sell! These amazing words make people buy again and again! Included in the bonus chapter.

How to turn people’s emotions into a sales tool to drive home sales!

A fast, simple, and fun way to explode your profits, make your customers as happy as clams, and laugh all the way to the bank!

How to read your customers’ minds! Doing this one thing could put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket!

Add this one thing to your sales letter to instantly get people to read every word!

7 Easy Steps to Crafting a Marketing Message that will get your prospects attention, and prompt further conversation…all in one sentence.

The 7 Essential Characteristics of a Brilliant Marketing Message: include all of these key elements and your prospects will say “tell me more” or “how do you do that?”...instead of “so what?”

How to easily deflect the question of “how much do you charge” when the prospect brings it up (a certain “deal-killer”) in your first conversation…BE WARNED: doing this the wrong way can irritate the prospect and kill your chances of a second contact as well

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If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or salesperson you can clearly see that "15-Second Marketing” is jam-packed with the crucial, “blow-the-doors off your business” information that you MUST internalize and implement NOW if you ever want to attract more clients kick your sales into the stratosphere.

By simply crafting your perfect Red-Hot “15 Second Marketing Message” you can apply this to your marketing can practically transform ALL of your marketing efforts into reliable, High-Return-On-Investment tools virtually overnight, including:

"I’m getting more clients!

In the past when I told people what work I do, I got a blank look. I think they were too embarrassed to admit they didn’t know what I was talking about. Now, with the help of your book, my tagline sparks interest and a conversation and sales."

LaShauun Tappler, Graphic Designer

"I’d recommend '15 Second Marketing' to anyone marketing anything.

Listen to Sherry

Excellent. Your common sense approach changed my attitude and helped us focus on the customer. We used it to create a new marketing message for our services. Worth every penny!"

David & Sherry Borzo

So how much should you invest in getting access to this formula that can literally make you $1,000, $10,000 or even $100,000 more a month?

How much would discovering how to earn that kind of income be worth to you?

$1,000? $500? Well, here’s the deal…

I currently charge over $24,000 to coach clients and $650.00 an hour for individual consultations. Now I realize that this is not a private consultation, but the information contained in this course is the same information that people pay me tons money to teach them one-on-one.

You Won’t Pay the “Consulting Price”
or the “Boot Camp” Price

You can relax. I’m not going to charge anywhere close to what I charge my clients for consulting.

In fact…I’m not even charging close to what you would pay for one of those high-priced “kits” like the “gurus” sell at those high-priced sales or marketing “boot camps”.

I’m still not going to charge you anywhere near that.

In fact, if you order before Midnight Tonight , you'll also get these 5 FREE bonuses…

Bonus #1: Charlie Cook's Personal List of Power Keywords

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Bonus #5: Discover the 'Insider Secrets' to:

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Okay, Take a Deep Breath
While I Summarize What You Get With
The “15-Second Marketing” System

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So Why Am I Selling
The Ultimate Client Attraction System
For Such A Low, Low Price?

Frankly, I don’t want to do radio shows or TV shows or book signings that authors do to promote their books. That kind of stuff is mainly just an ego trip. Besides, it drains your energy, and in the end you don’t sell a whole lot of books. I want to cut to the chase.

So I purposely created this website and rewarded anyone who buys my book. Since you are accessing these free bonuses directly from the Internet I have no delivery and no fulfillment costs.

But get this… although I’ll try to sell as many copies of my books as possible, I did not write this book so that I can sell this book on the net and get rich. I make much, much better money selling my complete small business and web marketing systems and writing actual ads and sales letters for clients…than I do offering the much more valuable information on marketing.

No. I wrote this book because I honestly want to make a difference in the marketing world. I have privately taught dozens of people this secret…and I always marvel at how quickly and easily this “trick” can change lives and create fortunes. Now, with the publishing of the Insider Secrets to 15 Second Marketing , I can get the message out to many more people.

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…Did I Mention My
100% Money-Back Guarantee?

No Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

Although $39.95 isn’t a heckuva lot of money…it would still be $39.95 too much if I didn’t backup what I claim and give you a product that delivers results. So I’m willing to put my neck on the line and make you this RISK-FREE Guarantee:

If after putting The “15-Second Marketing” System to the test for a full 90-days you don't feel you got your money’s worth or that the marketing techniques that have made so many others rich don't work for you, I'll give you a refund, no questions asked.


"Over $200,000 in additional sales!

These ideas were easy to apply, smoothed out our sales process and as a result our closure rate is up. It paid for itself many times over and I'd recommend it to anyone in marketing and sales. "

Bill Orser, President, Safeplay Systems

It’s Time to DO…
Not Just “Read About Doing”

Now is the time to change the course of your business. Don’t delay. Remember, if you keep doing what your doing your gonna keep getting what you’re getting.

And since you’ve read this far - it tells me that you want MORE than you’ve been getting.

You can get more.

You can earn more, make more and BE more…all that’s left for you to do now is to take action.

I look forward to hearing about your results!

So What Are You Waiting For?

You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose
With a Guarantee Like that.

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Thanks a million. I hadn’t seen the information on ‘where to use your marketing messages’ anywhere else and it was really good."

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Well worth the money. I’d recommend it to every small business owner. It’s short and sweet, easy to use and is helping me get new clients."

Susan Robichaud, Promotions Adviser and Designer

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It helped me bring my marketing into focus."

Marianne Shain, Merit Financial Corporation, Mortgage Originator

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Charlie Cook
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The Marketing Response Expert & Author of 15 Second Marketing

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